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Legal Process Serving | Acme Process Serving Company | Portland, OR | (503) 596-2425
At Acme Process Serving Company, we specialize in legal process serving for local law firms, corporations, small businesses, and private...
Court Filings | Acme Process Serving Company | Portland, OR | (503) 596-2425
Acme Process Serving Company offers prompt filing in all state and federal courts, as well as public offices, in every city across the country...
Legal Forms | Acme Process Serving Company | Portland, OR | (503) 596-2425
Whether you are an attorney or a private citizen, there are a number of legal forms that you may find yourself requiring access to that we are...

For courthouse deliveries at no added cost, ask about the Acme Process Serving Company in-house courier!

Welcome to Acme Process Serving Company

Acme Process Serving Company is a process serving and legal support company based out of Portland, OR. Our focus is on assisting our clients in the most efficient and professional manner possible. With our home base in Tigard, OR, we are able to provide prompt, reliable process services, court filings, and legal forms through the states of Washington, Oregon, and the continental United States.

Our company provides complete personalized solutions for all types of clients, ranging from small firms to large businesses, as well as private individuals searching for cost-effective and trustworthy process services and legal support. Attorneys, collection agencies, landlords—we are here for you! Acme Process Serving Company is a full-service business, and we know the unique legal landscape of the state of Oregon. This local expertise allows us to effectively serve our clients.

The goal at Acme Process Serving Company is to be your first choice and to offer the fastest services at the most affordable price. Whether your documents are to be served down the street or down a remote rural lane, you can rely on our professionally trained and experienced servers. Each one of our staff has a comprehensive understanding of ethical and legal procedures. We even have an in-house courier that will pick up and make deliveries to local courthouses daily, at no additional cost to you.

We represent you as a business or individual with great pride and respect, always treating your documents with the same care and urgency you would! To find out more about Acme Process Serving Company of Portland, OR, including our in-house contract courier services, or to obtain a complementary quote, please call us today!